February 22, 2020

Crypto-active, forex … and vanilla production! The blacklist of the AMF goes on

The Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) has increased the number of alerts on sites and various assets. Latest: the production and export of vanilla!
In terms of financial investments, the imagination of crooks is limitless. In recent days, AMF alerts have multiplied: beyond the “classic” sites encouraging investment in forex or binary options, we see recently flourish other sites offering investments on crypto -active, with the most known of them bitcoin.
“After diamonds, rare earths, we arrive at cryptooactives that resulted in € 55 million diverted in 2018 and already € 18 million in the first quarter of 2019,” recalled Claire Castanet, director of investor relations at the AMF during the presentation of the annual report of the AMF / ACPR joint office.
Last warning on the date of the AMF: the production and export of vanilla! The AMF has in its sights the company Vanilla Golden Trade which, via its website www.vanilla-gt.net, encourages investors to invest in its capital, without complying with financial regulations. “The regulator invites investors to be very cautious about this offer,” says the AMF which reminds each time the instructions of common sense to savers / investors: comment défiscaliser en immobilier
● No commercial speech should make one forget that there is no high return without high risk;
● Get a minimal base of information on the companies or intermediaries that offer you the product (social identity, country of establishment, civil liability, organizational rules, etc.);
● Invest only in what you understand;
And finally, ask yourself the following questions:
● How is the valuation of the proposed product (purchase price or sales price) carried out?
● What are the terms of resale of the product? in what time frame? (especially in the case where the product invests in a class of illiquid assets). investissement défiscalisant
And, beforehand, consult the black list of some 750 sites or actors offering “irregular” investment offers that the AMF has gathered in a single table to consult

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